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  •  Can you help us to manage our new food or beverage product development project?

Yes, we can. Experience has taught us that good organisation and communication is critical to delivering a development project successfully and on time. To do this, we'll work with you to prepare an overall planning timeline listing the key tasks, interdependencies and due dates. Then we'll agree who will be responsible for each task. This helps you to manage your budget by taking care of the things you can do directly yourself. It also helps to avoid costly rework, by identifying the correct order in which things need to happen. And, because things always change, we'll continue to review and revise the planning timeline with you throughout the life of your project.
  •  We've managed pretty well without a strategic plan. Why should we have one now?

Here is just a partial list of benefits from getting together for a strategic planning session:
Build a shared and clear vision of the future.
Pull your team together and increase their understanding and commitment to your business.
Identify what really drives success in your business and sharply focus your resources (time, talent, cash) on the things that are really important.
Make better plans for new products or services.
Be able to respond faster to new opportunities or new competitors.
We specialise in straightforward, workable planning sessions, geared to the real world of small to medium-sized businesses.
Ask us how we run them.
  •  What other kinds of business support services do you offer?

We're experienced in running businesses ourselves. So we understand the everyday challenges. And we also know that your support needs will change, depending on how much you have on at the time, what's urgent and what your strategic priorities are.

We will work with you in the way that suits you best. We can step in as a hands-on project manager or facilitator to help you deliver an important new business initiative; or we can operate as an ongoing consultant to your management team. Vikki is also an experienced company director, who can help you improve your governance processes, or bring a new perspective to your board.

Read more about the types of business services we offer and our credentials. Then, to find out how we can apply them to help you in your business, contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

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