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Cogito Food & Beverage - Help FAQ

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  •  Our company is based out of Auckland. Can you still help us?

Yes. For the majority of projects, distance is no barrier. We work with clients throughout New Zealand and around the world. Meetings can be held via Skype and samples of product can be couriered to you for assessment. For in-person technical or business advice, we are available to come to you. 
  •  Our company is looking at importing food products into New Zealand. How can you help us?   

We can help you to understand your obligations as an importer and to make sure your product is compliant for sale in NZ. We can also assist with your marketing and distribution strategy, and provide useful contacts in the New Zealand food industry. Have a look at our food & beverage Importing Checklist and then contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
  •  Can you help us to develop food & beverage products for export or for manufacture overseas?   

Yes. We regularly work with clients to develop products for export. The exact nature of our assistance will depend on your requirements, but the product development process itself is still fundamentally the same. We can make up samples for testing in your overseas markets and assist with the design of your consumer research. We also have specialist consulting partners available to assist with international product labelling and composition requirements. If you plan to license your product for manufacture overseas, we can develop the specifications for hand-over to your selected manufacturer. NZ government funding is also available for exporters that meet certain criteria. Please contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

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