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  •  I have an idea for a new food product. But I have no experience. What do I do next?

Bringing a new food or beverage product to market is a challenging exercise - not least of all because it is "new". We have honed our processes, through hands-on experience with real products for 25 years. Have a look at our EasiYo Case Study to get a practical feel for the overall development process. Then contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your idea.
  •  I'm already making my product on a small scale, and need to increase production. How can you help me?

We provide a comprehensive food product and process development service, to help you find the best practical solution to achieve quality, consistency and cost effectiveness for your product. If you want to operate your own facility, we can help you with scale-up process development, plant design, equipment sourcing, operating systems and project management systems. Alternatively, we can also help you to find a suitable contract manufacturer. Please contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.
  •  How do I know that my product idea and confidential information is safe with you?

Respecting the information that you share with us is a core component of our promise to you. We take this responsibility very seriously, because we know that our reputation depends on it. Before you disclose details about your project to us, we will offer you our Confidentiality Agreement. If you decide to engage us, our Consultancy Agreement also specifically addresses issues of confidentiality and intellectual property. You can read more about our process for taking your brief here.

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