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formulation development

Creating commercially viable recipes to meet your quality, cost & brand objectives.

Developing the right formulation is not just about making a product that looks and tastes great - although of course that's important. It also requires careful balancing of many factors, including:

Meeting any constraints in your brief about ingredients (e.g. natural vs. artificial, preservatives, allergens).
Formulating the product to meet the marketing, nutrition and health claims you wish to make on your label.
Complying with the regulatory restraints that apply to your product (e.g. under the ANZ Food Standards Code).
Meeting your target food costs.
Matching the formulation with the right production process and packaging option.

We will help you to understand the trade-off decisions you will need to make, to navigate all these elements for your product.


Cogito - Food & Beverage Formulation Development
formulation development services 
  • New formulations, from existing recipes or from scratch
  • Refine formulations to improve quality / reduce cost
  • Formulation reverse engineering
  • Technical problem solving to improve product attributes
  • Preparation of product and process specifications
  • Shelf Life Assessment
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