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supply logistics and production

Finding the best solution for the production and distribution of your product.

If you are already an established food or beverage manufacturer, we will work with you to match the formulation and production process to your capabilities - including the evaluation of new plant, if required.

If you wish to outsource production, we will help you to identify and evaluate suitable contract manufacturers.

We maintain a database of ingredient and packaging suppliers and contract manufacturers; as well as logistics and distribution providers, to get your product to market.

Importantly, we can also help you to maintain the confidentiality of your product development during this investigatory phase.

Once we have identified suitable suppliers, we will provide you with introductions so that you can negotiate your commercial relationship with them directly. 


Cogito - Food & Beverage Production

supply logistics and production services 
  • Ingredient specification and sourcing
  • Packaging specification and sourcing
  • Distribution logistics and channel strategy
  • Process development and manufacturing scale up
  • Identification of contract manufacturers
  • Planning and supervising factory trials
  • Assistance with your first production run
  • Troubleshooting process and product quality issues
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                   product and process development

                   formulation development

                   quality and compliance services

                   project and business management

                   custom ingredient supply

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