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product and process development

A one-stop resource for your new food or beverage development project.

Food and beverage product and process development is iterative and multi-faceted. It blends science, technical experience and creativity, with good project management and commercial pragmatism.

At Cogito, new product development is in our blood.

We have honed our processes, through hands-on experience with real products for 25 years.

Talk to us about how we can guide you through the steps - from defining your initial idea, through to delivering a finished product in your customer's supermarket trolley. Our EasiYo case study also gives you a good feel for how the development process works in practice.


Cogito - Food Product & Process Development

product and process development services 
  • Fleshing out the product concept
  • Clarifying the development brief
  • Feasibility assessment, market research
  • Formulation / prototype development
  • Process development
  • Scale up from laboratory to full-scale manufacture
  • Consumer samples and testing
  • Trade sample production
  • Branding and design
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